Tide Pools is a side-game in Shrimpies.  Your shrimpies become explorers and fight to become the best in a race for the keys.


Original Shrimpy left a note behind to an explorer before he died, and Riptide, being the current president, explains everything, and he send you to Small pool, where you meet the merchant, Benny the Blenny.  He shows you where to go, and you are on your way to discover the keys.

Unfortunately, the Dark Pool's forces begin to stir, and then discover that explorers are searching for the key.  The dark forces march to the pools.

You are first confronted by the dark forces at highside cliffs in Liver pool.  The Forces storm it and you must run from them and cause an avalanche to crush them.

You make your way to Old pool, and are told about the Time key.  The citizens send you to the hole to find it, but inside you are confronted by Holos, the leader of the Dark Pool's forces.  You and Holos battle each other, and after Holos is defeated, you getthe Shrimpy key.  Down in the southern area, you are told about the Music key in Liver pool.  After reaching the Temple of the Liver, Salty is there about to take the Music key, and you must convince him to give you the key.

After this, Holos is in Liver Pool, and you must use your two keys to defeat him.  Meanwhile, his forces are taking over Liver pool, and you are forced out of the pool.

You end up the Plants Pool, overgrown with kelp, and in the forest are some Dark Pool forces, who try to attack you.  After escaping, you find the Plant key.

You then go to Mysterious pool, looking for the Space key.  After taking the space key off the pedestal, you are sent into space, where you fly past some planets, including a few from Spore, including Pyro.

Quickly you try to get back to go to the Shrimpy key in Original Pool, founded by Original Shrimpy.  Holos battles you again, and the rest of the forces fight you until you get the key.

Having five keys you travel to Big pool, where the Shape-Shifting key is.  You take the key harmlessly, only to discover all pools except for the last one are controlled.

In the Good pool, there is the Light key, which will kill all the Dark forces.  You take the key, but Holos jumps on you.  You use the light key, and Holos and his forces disintigrate.


There are many items, including the keys, and they can all be bought in the Tide Pools Store.


There are many enemies, and you can have a PVP match against other players.  There are special guest appearances, including Sonic or Heron.  They can be found in different pools, but there are many different ones, including a secret, almost impossible enemy.