The Shrimpy Clothing Store is a place where shrimpies can come and buy their clothes.  It is located in Shrimpy plaza, and there is a catalog outside where you can order the clothes, and it will arrive in 1-7 days.

Shrimpy Clothing Store


Shrimpy Plaza


Clothing Store




The Clothing Store was founded by Spotty to help shrimpies get their clothing.  It mails a small catalog to all shrimpies where they can buy clothes.  All shrimpies are notified  of new items arriving.


The Clothing Store provides defense clothes, such as armor or cactus suits.  These have different effects and help when in a Shrimpy Battle.

Special ItemsEdit

The store sells Items special to one day only, or Holiday Exclusives, which can be purchased all year long but can only be worn during the holiday's season.  Some Items include Turkey suit, Santa suit, Reindeer Suit and Ghost costume.