The Beatles are a 1960's rock group. They have over 200 songs. They do not really appear in Shrimpies, but they are mentioned a lot.

The Beatles


John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison

Shrimpies area





Black and white, Blue, Red, Green, Pink.




Guitar, Piano, Bass, Sitar

History Edit

For more info, visit Wikipedia.  This only applies to the Beatles in shrimpies.

The Beatles are famous in Shrimpies, and they currently have a new product line for shrimpies.  The Beatles cannot be found themselves in shrimpies without the time key.

They do not always appear, but sometimes they do.  You can read more about the Beatles here, The Beatles on Wikipedia.

Shrimpies stuffEdit

The Beatles shirt can be given to Shrimpies by completing a Beatles task in Tide Pools, or it can be bought at the store.  There is a Beatles hat, and it can be found in stores only.  Using the time key can reward you a special Beatles clothing item, or it can get you a small shrimpy Beatles picture for your shrimpy's house.